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IDBI offers a range of services to both Public and Private clients. We have key technical and non-technical skills to enable the timely delivery of IT enabled solutions.

Our Services

Application Management

IDBI have many years’ experience managing day to day operations when it comes to running your data warehouse. Business Intelligence is an ever evolving component of any business and its IT department.

If there are continuous requests for change and enhancements, some organisations see this as a badly managed solution. However this can be viewed as a positive as it means the solution is being used. If users are engaging and requesting more information this often means that the Business Intelligence provided is fit for purpose. Resulting in a situation where users develop their understanding of the possible and therefore increase their appetite to do more.

We see BI solutions as ever evolving components of the IT department, it is important that teams are able to respond in an Agile fashion and be flexible to the business needs, but not to the point where it is detrimental to the stability of the systems.

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Data Processing Implementation

IDBI can recommend technologies that meet the business requirement. We have vast experience of the Oracle technology stack, and also knowledge of Microsoft RDBMS solutions as well as Big Data platforms.

IDBI have a proven track record of analysing and modelling an organisations data requirements enabling the design and implementation of successful data warehouse solutions. Having the aptitude to quickly learn and understand an organisations data requirements and business processes is paramount in this domain.

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Agile (and Lean) Coaching

IDBI provides Agile and Lean coaching to suit our partner’s needs. Our certified and experienced practitioners support businesses looking to move to Agile methodologies and/or understand the waste reduction principles of Lean.

Common areas where businesses need support include: - Understanding the high level values and principles of Agile and Lean. This can help colleagues understand the fundamentals of these approaches, and guide future process decisions. - Where Agile helps manage complexity and situations where it is not required. - Where tooling can support Agile approaches.

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System Development

IDBI utilises its disciplined approach to Software Engineering in order to deliver a range of IT enabled systems.

We have a range of experience and skills in: - Service Transition - Mobile Platforms - Open Source Projects

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